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Jänku nimega Peter

30 cm – 12 inches
8 ply yarn, 3.00 mm needles

I have deliberately not mentioned colours in these patterns. Toys can be made with any colour combination - the brighter the toy, the more the kids like them.

Small amounts of 8 ply yarn (double knit - UK, worsted weight - USA)
3.00 mm needles (11 - UK, 3 - USA)

Feet and legs (make 2)
With foot colour, cast on 12 sts
Knit 1 row.
Inc in each st to end - (24 sts)
G-st 9 more rows
Change colour for legs/pants
Knit 1 row.
Moss stitch 19 rows.
Do not break off yarn from 2nd leg.

Working across both legs - (48 sts) Place coloured markers at each end of 1st row, and work 16 more rows moss st for pants
Change colour or pattern for shirt
St-st 18 rows.
19th row: K10, K2tog four times, K12, K2tog four times, K10. - (40 sts)
20th row: Purl
21st row: K8, K2tog four times, K8, K2tog four times, K8. - (32 sts)
22nd row: Change to head colour. Purl.
Shape head and neck:.
row: K7, inc in 2 sts, K14, inc in 2 sts, K7 - (36 sts)
2nd row: P8, inc in 2 sts, P16, inc in 2 sts, P8 - (40 sts)
3rd row: K9, inc in 2 sts, K18, inc in 2 sts, K9 - (44 sts)
4th and alternate rows to row 26: Purl.
5th row: K10, inc in 2 sts, K20, inc in 2 sts, K10 - (48 sts)
7th row: K11, inc in 2 sts, K22, inc in 2 sts, K11 - (52 sts)
9th row: K12, inc in 2 sts, K24, inc in 2 sts, K12 - (56 sts)
St-st 7 rows placing a coloured marker in the centre of 7th row.
17th row: K12, K2tog twice, K24, K2tog twice, K12 - (52 sts)
19th row: K11, K2tog twice, K22, K2tog twice, K11 - (48 sts)
21st row: K10, K2tog twice, K20, K2tog twice, K10 - (44 sts)
23rd row: K9, K2tog twice, K18, K2tog twice, K9 - (40 sts)
25th row: K8, K2tog twice, K16, K2tog twice, K8 - (36 sts)
27th row: K7, K2tog twice, K14, K2tog twice, K7 - (32 sts)
28th row: P6, P2tog twice, P12, P2tog twice, P6 - (28 sts)
29th row: K5, K2tog twice, K10, K2tog twice, K5 - (24 sts)
Place coloured markers at dec sts of previous row to mark position of ears.
30th row: P4, P2tog twice, P8, P2tog twice, P4 - (20 sts)
31st row: Knit.
Cast off.

To make up legs, body and head: With right side of work facing, join (backstitch) back seam from top of head down to coloured markers at top of legs. Fold top of head so that back seam is in line with centre of cast off row, and oversew this seam closed. Fold leg so that row ends are level, and join seam of foot, oversew cast on row to become underfoot seam. Repeat with other leg. Do not sew the seams of legs at this stage. Turn the rabbit right side out and stuff through legs opening. Stuff feet and legs and close seam. Put a running stitch around neck at first row of head and pull up firmly to shape neck, tie ends of yarn securely and run excess ends into body.

Arms (make 2)
Cast on 12 sts in paw colour.
Knit 1 row.
Inc in every st to end - 24 sts.
G- st 7 rows
Change to sleeve colour and st-st 12 rows.
Dec at each end of every row until 12 sts.
Next row: (K2tog) to end - 6 sts.
Cast off.

To make up arms: With right side facing, join row ends to beginning of upper arm shaping. Oversew cast on row closed. Stuff lightly (do not stretch stitches open). Place top of arm two row below neck line and level with shoulder shaping. Slip stitch into position.

Ears. (make 2)
Cast on 10 sts.
Purl 1 row.
Inc in every st to end - 20 sts.
G-st 23 rows.
Next row: K3, K2tog twice, K6, K2tog twice, K3.
Knit 1 row.
Next row: K2, K2tog twice, K4, K2tog twice, K2.
Knit 1 row.
Next row: K2tog to end - 6 sts.
B & T tightly.
Oversew row ends and cast-on sts. Pinch cast-on edge in half to form ear fold. Place on head at coloured markers and sew securely in position (remember that a small child will probably carry the rabbit by the ears!). Using a red coloured pencil lightly shade the lining of the ears.

Cast on 14 sts.
Knit 1 row.
Inc in every st to end - 28 sts.
St-st 11 rows, with K1 at each end of purl rows.
K2tog to end - 14 sts.
B & T tightly.
Note: wrong side of st-st is right side of tail.
Join row ends. Stuff tail, then gather cast on row and draw up tightly. Sew to centre of body just above the legs.

Top of eyes will be level with the coloured marker in centre of face at 16th row.
Eyes - 2 rows deep, 6 sts apart (ie - 3 sts either side of the marker)
(make 1 backstitch surrounded by a chain stitch)
Nose - 1 row below eyes, 2 sts wide, 3 rows deep, making 2 backstitches in each of the 3 rows.
Lip and Mouth - make 2 small backstitches down from centre of nose, and backstitch an inverted V for mouth.
Whiskers - using black embroidery thread work 3 whiskers on each side of face, beginning 1 st out from the lower corners of nose and radiating out 3 sts, 4 sts, and 3 sts.

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